Hi! My name is Valera Rozuvan, and I want to understand inter-universal Teichmüller theory. For those of you who never heard of this theory, please take a look at the Wikipedia’s entry.

It doesn’t help that the proof itself is 500 pages long or that Mochizuki developed his own set of mathematical principles called the Inter-Universal Teichmuller Theory that must be mastered first.

of Kyoto University posted online back in 2012—it is called the "inter-universal Teichmuller" (IUT) theory and runs more than 500 pages. To date, no one has been able to verify the proof, or even.

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Mochizuki, S. Inter-universal teichmuller theory I: construction of Hodge Theatres (2012). available at http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~motizuki/Inter-universal%20Teichmuller%20Theory%20I.pdf.

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The paper, which is 500 pages long, can be viewed on his website in a series of PDFs labelled "Teichmuller Theory". The proof took four years to calculate and if confirmed it would be one of the.

That might change if what Shinichi Mochizuki of Kyoto University is claiming is true; that he has written a proof of the ABC conjecture. To mathematicians it’s akin to the Grand Unified Theory of.

He spent nearly 10 years working alone on what he calls "Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory," which combines elements of algebra with geometry, as one way of getting at the ABC Conjecture. Mochizuki.

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While topics of broader interest occupy dinner table conversations, among practitioners of the subfield of pure mathematics known as number theory, Mochizuki’s work is the hot topic. If his proof.

In 2012, he produced his fourth monograph and published it on his website. Entitled Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory. Parts I – IV, Mochizuki’s "conjecture" runs to more thanr 500 pages – an.

The paper, which is 500 pages long, can be viewed on his website in a series of PDFs labelled "Teichmuller Theory. Mochizuki describes himself not as a mathematician but as a "inter-universal.